Who started fifa – Answers

Jules Rimet started FIFA

When did FIFA stared?
it started with fifa 1994 and if you get fifa 06 for ps2 you can play fifa 1994 on it

HOW was FIFA started?
FIFA was started in 1904 as a way to arrange and govern an international football tournament between countries. There are 209 members of FIFA.

Can you play FIFA 05 online?
No online fifa only just started in fifa 06 it says on the CD *new first online fifa* or something like that

Why was FIFA started?
FIFA was started as way to preside over the competition of soccer teams from various countries. It is the international governing body of the World Cup.

How many countries are members of FIFA?
There are 209 current FIFA members. FIFA started on June 12th and ends on July 13th. It is being held in Brazil.

Why was the FIFA World Cup started?
The F.I.F.A world cup started in 1930 . It was won by Uruguay.

When was the FIFA World Cup started?
The first FIFA World Cup was in 1930, in Uruguay. The home team took the trophy

When FIFA South Africa started?
FIFA Cup is scheduled between 11 June and 11 July 2010 in South Africa

When did the soccer league FIFA start?
I think it started around the 1930s

What was the first ever FIFA?
There are many a Fifa games, but the yearly series started in 1995. First Game: Fifa ’95 There are also many other Fifa series such as Fifa Manager, Fifa Street, EA Soccer and more. For more info, searching Fifa Video Game Series in Google or in the WikiAnswers toolbox will pull up a reference article on the series.

How many years has fifa world cup started?
The first world cup started in 1930, so it is 70 years.

What year did the Argentina soccer team start in the FIFA?
The team started soccer as a whole in 1893, but it joined FIFA/International Soccer in 1912. Sources: FIFA.com

What was the date of the 2010 FIFA World Cup?
started on the 10th June and finished on the 11th July

How many additions of FIFA is there?
Fifa additions I know of: FIFA 1996 FIFA 1997 FIFA 1998 FIFA 1999 FIFA 2000 FIFA 2001 FIFA 2002 FIFA 2003 FIFA 2004 FIFA 2005 FIFA 2006 FIFA 2007 FIFA 2008 FIFA 2009 FIFA Street FIFA Street 2 FIFA Street 3 and many more

Where did FIFA start?
F.I.F.A started in 1928, but the world cup was held for the first time in 1930 in Uruguay.

Who won the FIFA World Cup when it first started?
In 1930 Uruguay won the first world cup.

When did the 2010 FIFA World Cup begin?
The F.I.F.A world cup 2010 started in 10/6 2010.

In which country did the women’s World Cup started in?
The first FIFA Women’s World Cup was held in China in 1991. ^ LIES!

What is better FIFA 09 or FIFA 10?
FIFA 10 because the graphics and gameplay are better and fifa5555 online has recently ended on FIFA 09 but is still on FIFA 10.

You are a fiften years old you have just started playing soccer but you are not good at it but you have dream to be player?
play fifa 2010 and make your own character ( :

What football association was formed before CAF?
FIFA was the first football association. It was formed in Paris on May 21st, 1904. It started everything.

Why has Uruguay have 4 stras?
They won 2 FIFA World Cup. FIFA World Cup started in 1930 so FIFA recognizes the previous decade winners of the Olympic Games. Uruguay won in 1924 and 1928 the gold medal for football at the Olympic Games so it adds those 2 awards as stars to its T-shirt too.

Is there going to be a FIFA 10?
they may call it fifa 10 or fifa 2010

Is FIFA 12 the same as FIFA 11?
No. Fifa 12 is slightly updated.

What are the duties of the FIFA?
what is the duty of fifa

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